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 Welcome to the SIR Corp. Team Member Portal.

If you have already registered your email address at your restaurant and have been sent a password, please login at the left.
Once logged in, if you take a look along the top or left side of the page, you will find a number of options.  These are sections of the site that are open to you.  Go ahead and explore them.
Please note that respectful conduct is expected and required on this site.  We want to encourage people to use this site and intend to leave the discussion forums open for you to talk to your friends and co-workers. You need to do your part and keep the content appropriate. 
Any idea or suggestions on the content of this site are very welcome. It is our goal to make this site relevant to you. Send comments to
A note on getting site access:
If you attempt to use the recover password option and you receive the message "Your attempt to retrieve your password was not successful. Please try again." it means that you do not have your e-mail address set up with your Manager so you will need to get that done before you can continue.
In order to receive a password you must provide your e-mail address to your Manager so that they can set it in our systems. You will know this has been done when you are sent a link to this site and a password.

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